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Are you hungry?

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I’ve never blogged before.  I’m kind of nervous. (Does everyone get a little nervous about their first blog?) What if no one wants to read it?  What if nobody cares what I have to say?  What if you think I’m boring???

Well, here I go anyway!

Are you hungry? I am. In fact, I’m hardly ever NOT hungry. I like food. Scratch that. I LOVE food! I love shopping for food, eating food, cooking food, reading about food, talking about food… I like all types of food, from the finest dining to Taco Bell. I like all cuisines.  I’ll eat almost anything, except snails (because they make me think of slugs) and veal, which just makes me feel sad. I love cooking and I love dining out. I read cookbooks for fun and collect cookware, serving dishes, and wine glasses the way that other people collect trading cards or stamps. You might say I’m just a tiny bit obsessed with food and that’s what you’ll find on this blog…food, food, and more food! I can’t promise that you’ll learn anything new or that my ramblings will change your world in any way.  I aim for nothing other than to share  my love of food with you.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Gourmand as “one who is excessively fond of eating and drinking” and “one who is heartily interested in good food and drink”.  Yep, that’s me. Welcome to my blog. I hope you’ll stop by again!

Burger with brie, apple butter, djion mustard, and fresh spinach leaves


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