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The following links contain step-by-step photo guides for a few handy techniques:

The following links will bring you to a bit of information on a number of culinary techniques, as well as a recipe which demonstrates each technique. The list will continue to grow as I address additional tips and techniques with each new post. 

**If you’re looking for information on a particular technique which you don’t see covered, send me a message! I happily take requests!


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  1. Dear Amy,
    Your Aunt sent me your blog site. I absolutely LOVE what you are doing! Hope you will sign me up! I love taking photos, and love cooking. Ok….so I am not as enthusiastic as you are in the cooking department….your young! However, I have 2 young daughters, probably your age with kids your kids age…so…I wont to encourage them too!
    Keep on doing what you are doing. Love your blog!
    And now…I must try one of those recipes….mmmm…

    • Hi Cathy!
      Thanks so much for your comments! Which one of my aunts do you know? I love cooking and taking pictures! It makes me so happy to know that people are enjoying my blog! If you want to get an e-mail whenever I post something new, there’s a little box to sign up on the top of the right column. Once you enter your e-mail, I think a box pops up to confirm the subscription. Then you’ll get an e-mail with a link to click that will activate the subscription. Then you’ll get an e-mail whenever I post something new. Or you can just come check out the site whenever you want! I like to cook with the kids too, so every so often I include recipes or tips for involving young kids in the kitchen too!
      Thanks again!

  2. hi aunt amy. its colee. i love your website. tell liam lucas and uncle brett i said hi! love you,bye-bye

  3. your awsome aunt amy your food looks soooooooooooooooooooo delicous i cant wait to see you next month especially……liam lucas and uncle brett well i guess ill talk to you later love ya bye-bye


  5. nicole deline

    james is so cute i wish i was in syracuse right now

  6. amy guess what im going to syracuse this month yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy

  7. hi aunt amy geuss what i got a new phone i love it its a samsung newer blackberry and niagra falls was awesome i loved it well il talk to you later byebye p.s.i moved with my mom though

  8. i wish syracuse won against ohio state

  9. Hey Amy I can’t wait to see you for Xmas tell everyone I said hi


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