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And the Adventure Begins…

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Well, we’re off to the land of wind and Oprah. Chicago, here we come! The in-laws are staying with the kiddies while we run away for a few days of sleeping in (to the late, late hour of 8am, I am sure) and overindulging in food and wine. We have been asked what we are planning to do in Chicago. Going to see Oprah? Probably not. Eat pizza? Probably yes. To be honest, we haven’t planned much of anything. We’ll be staying with old friends, enjoying their company and a home-cooked meal tonight! Very excited to see what Nina will be cooking up for us. Tomorrow night we’ll be having dinner at a gastropub, which specializes in beer and pork. Awesomeness. In between, we’re thinking we might just catch one of those double-decker buses and see where it takes us. As I said, we haven’t really done much research or planning for this trip. This will surely be an adventure.

In other news, today marks the one week countdown to the Grrrrreat New York State Fair!! I’m absolutely buzzing with excitement. Bring on the deep-fried goodies and overflowing bowls of butterfly fries smothered in cheese; my once-a-year deep-fried feast. Oh yeah! I. Am. Ready.

Time and wireless-access providing, I’ll be posting updates from Chi, Chi, Cago!


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  1. Enjoy ! Forget about Oprah! Focus on the pizza

  2. Poor Kathie and Rog! Yeah NY State Fair – one of the things I miss most about Syracuse!


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