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Pizza, Pork, and Beer…Chicago Style

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Another day in Chicago. Another happy belly.

We started the day with another bacon, egg, and cheddar bagel from Charmer’s Cafe in Rogers Park, near our friends’ home. Hard to go wrong with that choice.

Then, we headed downtown and hopped on one of those double decker tour buses. First time we’ve ever done a bus tour and it was fun.

We saw buildings.

And more buildings…

And, you guessed it, more buildings…

Chicago is really proud of its buildings.

We saw cool a stainless steel bean-shaped sculpture.

And even got to watch an orchestra rehearsing in Millennium Park.

Then, we settled down at Bella Bacino’s, for some Summer Sangria…

Chicago Stuffed Pizza…

And Warm Nut-Crusted Goat Cheese Salad with Garlic Toasts and Ligonberry Vinaigrette.

Sorry Chicago, we still think New York pizza has you beat.

That evening, we found our way down to The Publican, where we enjoyed a family style feast.

We started with the King Salmon Lox with Tomatoes, Cucumber, Onions, Blackberries and Fromage Blanc.

Then there was the Potted Rillettes with Strawberries and Sourdough.

Next came the Little Gem Salad with pig’s ears (yes, pig’s ears) in a buttermilk dressing.

And, I won’t forget the delicious, salty Frites topped with Organic Fried Eggs.

We also had the most tender flank steak.

By this point, the sun had gone down and the lack of proper lighting made it hard to get good pics, but we also enjoyed Lamb Sausage with Fingerling Potatoes and Tzatziki Sauce, a huge bowl full of mussels steamed in butter and garlic, and a dish called Feijoada which featured pork tenderloin, pork shoulder, chorizo, kale, and cranberyy beans. A. Maze. Ing.

Great meal. Great day.

And now we’re off for more adventures!


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