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Amy, Amy…how does your garden grow?

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With silver bells and cockle shells. And pretty maids all in a row.

Ok, so I don’t really have silver bells or cockle shells.  And there are no pretty maids in a row.

BUT, we do have beets, green onions, and basil! All still thriving in their sand bucket planters.
No sign of the tomatoes or carrots. I think they are a lost cause.

Green Onions... With you, I shall make a flavorful cream cheese.

Dearest beets... You, I shall roast and serve with goat cheese and walnuts.

Basil... With you, I will make Caprese salad and pesto.

Grow, my young plants!  Grow!!

I’m waiting to eat you.


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  1. Amy if you want cockle shells, say the word. The time I came down here to close on the house, that’s all there was on the beach. I have tons. You want some? Send me your address!



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