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The Gourmand Mom Kills a Vegetable Garden

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Pretty sure this has something to do with counting your chickens before they hatch. Last week I was making plans for scallion cream cheese and firing up the oven for my roasted beets. This week the outlook is much bleaker. My baby plants appear to have roasted in the sun, with no rain, while we were out of town last weekend.

So sorry, baby plants. Your life was much too short. I will remember you always.

Amy, Amy…how does your garden grow?

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With silver bells and cockle shells. And pretty maids all in a row.

Ok, so I don’t really have silver bells or cockle shells.  And there are no pretty maids in a row.

BUT, we do have beets, green onions, and basil! All still thriving in their sand bucket planters.
No sign of the tomatoes or carrots. I think they are a lost cause.

Green Onions... With you, I shall make a flavorful cream cheese.

Dearest beets... You, I shall roast and serve with goat cheese and walnuts.

Basil... With you, I will make Caprese salad and pesto.

Grow, my young plants!  Grow!!

I’m waiting to eat you.

The Gourmand Mom Grows a Vegetable Garden

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Well, I’m trying to, anyway. I’m not much for growing things. But, I love the idea of it. What could be better than fresh veggies from my backyard? Free of pesticides, full of fresh garden flavor… So, a couple weeks ago, I picked up a few packets of seed, some organic potting mix, and some planting pots.  Then, the boys and I went about our way, filling pots (and a few sand buckets), and burying seeds. I’m still not sure we did it right.  Our procedure was a little haphazard. There are definitely too many seeds in each pot. I’m not even certain what we planted or which pots we planted it in. (Though, I’m pretty sure I planted the green onions in the green sand bucket.) We may end up with some sort of bizarre half-carrot, half-beet mutant.  It’ll be fluorescent orange. I’ll call it a beerot and serve it roasted with goat cheese.  The local newspaper will come to take pictures of my gardening anomaly and I’ll win a prize at the state fair!!   Or, maybe we’ll just end up with some regular vegetables, which would be pretty cool too.

My Funny Garden

It’s been a couple weeks now.  There’s been snow during this time.  I shuttled my table full of planting pots and sand buckets into the garage for a few days.  But, I’m not sure if I saved them.  There are no signs of the carrots or tomatoes. Poor, poor carrots and tomatoes.  But, my beets are growing!  And the basil!  And the green onions!

My baby beets...aren't they cute?

I haven’t really thought this through. To be honest, I didn’t really believe that anything would grow.  But, now I’m the proud mama of some baby beet plants.  I feel that motherly urge to care for my young.  I think it’s time to clear a patch in my backyard to give my little babies a proper place to grow.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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