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How to Clean and Slice Leeks

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Leeks, a vegetable with a mild onion flavor, are a wonderful addition to many dishes. They are grown in dirt and have a tendency to gather dirt between the leaves. For this reason, they require just a bit of care to properly clean and slice. Here’s a little guide to get you on your way towards enjoying some leeky goodness…

Start with one fresh, delicious leek.

Cut off the tough, dark green leaves.

Cut off the root.

Cut the remaining white and light green part in half lengthwise.

Rinse the leeks under cool water, using your fingers to separate the layers and rub off any dirt.

Place your clean leeks on a cutting board, cut side down.

Slice your leeks.

Use your mild tasting, sliced leeks just about anywhere you'd normally use onions.

Alternatively, you can slice the leeks before washing and place in a bowl of cool water. Swish the leeks around until the dirt settles on the bottom of the bowl. Scoop out your cleaned, sliced leeks.


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  1. Your cooking techniques are really wonderful! I love your photos!

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  3. I read in one of the Roux brothers cookbooks that leeks can be cleaned by placing them in warm water – the grit sinks in warmer water. It works!


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