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A Lesson about Little Bread

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My husband has been complaining lately. His gripe is with the size of the bread I buy him, which he claims is too big for the amount of tuna in the pouch, which he prepares each day for lunch.

The bread is so HUGE that my tuna is barely a spread between the two slices, he argues.

Then, make half a sandwich, I reply. It is normal sized bread.

Exhibit A

But he persists. On and on about the gigantic bread. I can’t listen to it anymore. So, I go to the supermarket with my ruler in hand. Ok, not really. But, I did spend a lot of time in the bread section, holding one loaf up to another and scrutinizing the weight and dimensions of each loaf. And I found a suitable loaf of wheat bread.

Exhibit B

My husband returned home for his lunch that day to discover the new smaller bread. He held it in front of me and said, This is what I’m talking about, in that I told you so tone of voice.

I don’t like that tone of voice. No siree, I do not.

So, I went shopping again today. And I found my husband some even better bread.

Exhibits C & D

And then I made my husband lunch.

I’ve got a recipe coming up later for you. In the mean time, if you happen to find yourself with a package of tiny toasts, a little piece of smoked salmon, dollop of creme fraiche, and sprig of dill makes a great snack.


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  1. I literally laughed out loud on that one….I can relate with how silly husbands can be.

  2. Imagine my surprise finding that mini sandwich in your fridge prior to reading the post. “Um, why is there a mini sandwich on a humongous plate in here?” Silly little sandwich!

    I love smoked salmon and dill…..mmmmm.

  3. he should know to never mess with a woman with a blog.

    By the way, I do use bread # 1 and make half a sandwich, if I need more calories I eat a cookie.

  4. Kathie Stockdale

    I laughed so hard that I was crying while reading this! Fixed is little wagon didn’t ya? 🙂

  5. HAAA ha ha ha haaaaaa…that totally sounds like Brett. What a pain in the ass!

  6. that’s awesome. love it :0)

  7. I laughed til I cried!


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