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A Love Letter

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Dearest Lindt Excellence Intense Orange Chocolate,

There are no words to express the way I feel about you. I remember the first time we met, as if it were yesterday. Do you remember? We were in the Clearwater Beach Rite Aid. The date was March 14, 2010. I saw you. You saw me. It was kismet. I brought you home and our love affair began.  Your luscious chunks of candied orange and slivers of crunchy almonds were so irresistible to me. We moved quickly, but feelings like this have no limit on speed. And, so it is. Our pure and simple love, as bittersweet as your chocolatey self. I am a respectable married woman.  It is unseemly for me to be seen consorting with someone other than my betrothed. Alas, my heart belongs to you, darling Lindt Excellence Intense Orange Chocolate. I will shout it from the rooftops.  I love you, Lindt Excellence Intense Orange Chocolate!  I love you.

Until later, my love. Until later.

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